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Oval Racing Rules

MudBoss Classes

SARC 2018 Stock MudBoss

  • Salvas Dirt Mudboss rules, must run Jaco 2040lp, 2050lp or 2055lp tires. 
  • RPM rear bumpers allowed.
  • 23/86 gear rule
  • Stock Traxxas 12T motor/ESC only.
  • Original Rear (TRAXXAS 5858) and Front springs (TRAXXAS 5857) (no LCG kit springs or aftermarket springs)
  • (See additional rules 2017 Salvas Rules)

*Rookie Mudboss follows stock Mudboss rules - This class is for those just starting out to keep a level playing field for the racers


SARC 2018 Modified MudBoss


1.1- Any “Dirt Modified” style body


2.1 – Any Plastic tub, center mount battery, Short Course Truck chassis allowed. (No Mid Motors)
2.2 - Stock plastic parts maybe replaced with aftermarket plastic parts (Such as RPM)
2.3 – Front steering hubs may be replaced with Aluminum. (Only Aluminum part allowed)
2.4 - Front bumper, right side bumper and front body post brace must be removed
2.4.1 - Left side and rear bumpers can also be removed (if desired) **rear RPM bumper is allowed**
2.5 - TRAXXAS front optional bumper (TRA2735) can be used (angled down) No exposed front bumpers.
2.6 - Major alterations to the chassis or modification to drivetrain/suspension components is not allowed
2.7 - Electronics (rx/esc/amb) must be installed within chassis surface (no outside installation)
2.8 - Battery brace can be trimmed to allow different LiPo battery wire configuration


3.1 - ROAR legal 10.5 sensored brushless motor (adjustable endbell OK)
3.2 - Any SPEED CONTROLLER (ESC) Must Be in Blinky Mode! (No Timing)
3.3 – Traxxas Slash may run Velineon VXL-3s ESC and Velineon 3500 Brushless Motor (Must run both). Losi XXX-SCT may run Tazer 45A ESC and Tazer 4-Pole 3300 Brushless Motor (Must run both) Associated SC10 may run Reedy SC600-BL ESC and Reedy 3300 KV Brushless Motor (Must run both) HPI Blitz may run Flux EMH-3S ESC and Flux MMH 4000KV Brushless motor (Must run both) This list will be updated as needed.
3.3 – Any steering servo
3.4 - It is allowed to use a solid (one piece) servo horn (any brand)
3.5 - 2-cell 7.4v LiPo battery with a maximum of 5200mah and 50c, with external plug only (no “bullet type” connector)


4.1 – Any size spur/pinion gear. (Must be factory kit make)
4.2 - Full factory slipper system must be used. (No direct drives)
4.3 - No modifications can be made to the transmission’s case (ie.. to allow a bigger gear ratio)
4.4 - The gear cover must be off at all times to allow for visual inspection
4.5 - The only adjustments allowed to the car are those allowed by the original MFG components of the car
4.6 – No adjustable control arms
4.7 - Transmission functionality rule (motor can not spin while turning slowly one rear wheel a full turn)


5.1 – May run any shocks. (can be aluminum and aftermarket)
5.2 – May run any suspension springs
5.3 - The shock’s travel may be shortened with internal shims (ie..fuel tube or solid shims...)
5.4 - All suspension parts must remain in original positions it was designed for


6.1 – Any combination of Jaco 2040LP, 2050LP or 2055LP ONLY
6.2 - JACO tires can be trued
6.3 - Plastic Wheel cap are allowed with a max dia of 3.125” and must be secured with a min of 2 screws/wheel
6.4 - You may use a bead of “CA” type glue or ‘’tape’’ to the tire’s side wall to reduce the car’s aggressiveness
6.5 – No traction compound allowed.
6.6 – Use of mild cleaner ok (Simple Green, motor spray)
6.6 – If tires are “Wet” at tech, you will be DQ for that round.


SCT Late Model Class

  • Any SCT chassis, open motor/ESC, must run Jaco 2040lp, 2050lp or 2055lp tires. 
  • No gear rule.
  • Must run any 1/8th scale late model body or any JConcepts Scalpel body.


Legend Cars

This class is ran as a breakout class.

  • Any battery- 2 cell LiPo max
  • Any motor
  • Any ESC
  • Any pan car style tire
  • Any Legend style body (Fendered OR Fenderless)
  • Bolink/RJ Speed legends chassis


**Rules that apply to all classes**

  • Weight is allowed on SCT Late Model class only.
  • All weight must be secured properly.
  • All weight will be subject to approval from track personnel. 
  • No rubber tires will be permitted in any class. 
  • 2 cell lipo or 7 cell NiMH batteries only. No batteries charged over 8.44 volts. 

Please see 2017 Salvas Rules for further rules that we follow at our track.